Lash Extension Care

Follow these steps to make them last.

  • The traditional recommendation is to avoid direct water contact for at least 12hrs, 24hrs is recommended. If you find yourself needing to expose your newly applied lashes to water before the 24hrs, then simply try to avoid submersion for long periods of time, scrubbing, or constant water running (shower) over them.
  • If you choose to wear mascara, only apply to the tips, and use a water-based mascara like the one we carry in the studio.
  • For cleaning, we recommend our eyelash brush and cleanser, but if you are using your own cleanser, be gentle and do not rub or vigorously scrub your eye/lash areas. Use cleansers that can be removed with water. Do not use oil-based cleansers. Water-based cleansers only! Splash water to rinse the eyelashes.
  • Brush your lashes gently with a clean mascara brush. One is sold in the studio.
  • Try to sleep on your back or side.
  • Use night creams/serums sparingly.
  • Do not try to remove the Extensions on your own, book a removal so you do not harm your natural lashes.