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We use our very own brand of semi-permanent synthetic silk-mink eyelash extensions. After a decade in the business, we developed a new kind of lash to help our clients achieve the looks they wanted. Our lashes are super lightweight and designed to maximize the number of lashes we can adhere to a single natural lash. Whether you want to bring a little glamour into your life or just a small boost to your lashes, our huge selection of eyelash extensions will surely accommodate your style. We only offer single eyelash extensions, not flares, which are placed right on top of your natural lash without adding a heavy feeling. Our Fab Lash Boutique adhesive is registered as medically graded LATAX FREE and FORMALDEHYDE FREE with the FDA and holds a strong bond that can last 4-6 weeks. At Fab Lash Boutique we exceed the industry’s standard of sanitation and are continuously updating to the newest techniques. Great customer service and satisfaction of our clients are our prime priority. We want you to enjoy your experience with us and walk out feeling as fabulous as we think you are.

Fab Lash Boutique

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Lash Extension Care

Follow these steps to make them last. The traditional recommendation is to avoid direct water contact for at least 12hrs, 24hrs is recommended. If you find yourself needing to expose …