Eyelash Extensions

We do not count lashes at Fab Lash Boutique. We apply as many as needed to achieve the look you want per the style you choose.  Many of our clients can go for four weeks without a refill, but some are harder on their lashes than others. We provide several options for refills from every week to extended 4-week refills. Any appointment falling 5 weeks or more from your last scheduled appointment will be considered a renewal of a full set. However, we do discount the full set of returning clients.  We allow +2 days maximum for each weekly period to allow for scheduling conflicts. Exceeding the grace period will automatically incur the next price level.


Full Set


Full Set

Current Promotion

1 week

(9 days)

2 weeks

(16 days)

3 weeks

(23 days)

4 weeks

(30 days)

Renew Set

5+ weeks

Classic 225 125 35 45 55 65 100
3D 275 175 55 65 75 85 150
6D 325 225 75 85 95 105 200
Bottom 85 65 10 20 25 30 50


If you have never been to Fab Lash Boutique and currently have a set of lashes, please book for a removal and full set. If it is determined a refill can be performed instead of a removal and full set, your price will be adjusted at the time of service. We traditionally do not do refills on clients from other studios. They use different glue, lashes, and techniques. In order to ensure the quality and high standards we have at Fab Lash Boutique, we typically need to apply a new full set to guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

Extras / Special lashes

Real mink lashes: add $50 on full set, add $25 on refill

Colored/jewel/glitter lashes: add $20

Removal: $40

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