What to expect

Day 1: You will look in the mirror every few minutes and by the end of the day you’ll wonder if this is what models do in their spare time to practice those come hither looks.

Day 2-4: Your brows will get darker! You’ll think we chose the wrong color. You begin wondering what you did to yourself.

Day 5-8: Hello flaking and scabbing stage! DO NOT pick or remove the scabs!!!! As sexy as it looks, leaving them to naturally fall away helps keep your pigment in place.

Day 9-10: Your brows can potentially appear like they are completely gone during this period. You will contemplate not going outside and want to contact us with great concern.

Days 11-28: Your brows may appear patchy, but they are back! These areas should fill in over time, but there is a touch-up coming so breathe.

Post touch-up: You survived the microblading healing process! We hope you and your brows have a long happy life together.